We don't have an EHCP - what can we expect from school?

You might be hearing things like ‘we can’t make an exception for one child’ or ‘it’s not fair to do it just for them’. It is really hard as the parent of a child who needs something a bit different to know what’s possible. This webinar is for parents of children who don’t have an EHCP.
What can school do? How can you work collaboratively with them to make it happen for your child? What can you do when it doesn't happen?
In this mini-course, Dr Abigail Fisher delves into effective strategies for working hand-in-hand with school to support your child's unique needs. This course will give you insight into what's possible and help foster a positive and collaborative relationship with your child's school.


This course is available to watch for 12 months after purchase.

It is suitable for children with and without a diagnosis


  • Understanding the School System: Gain clarity on how schools operate and the avenues available to support children without EHCPs.
  • Navigating Reasonable Adjustments: Discover practical approaches to identify and implement reasonable adjustments in the classroom environment to meet your child's needs effectively.
  • Tailoring Support for Your Child: Explore strategies for identifying your child's specific needs and collaborating with school professionals to develop tailored support plans.
  • Implementing Change: Gain actionable insights into how to effectively implement changes in the classroom setting, ensuring a supportive and inclusive learning environment for your child.

Total running time: 1 hour 7 mins


Dr Abigail Fisher is an educational psychologist who has worked in local authorities and now works independently. She has a special interest in helping parents navigate complex and confusing SEN processes, through providing clear, easy to digest information.

What People Are Saying:

Hugely informative

Comforting to know that we weren’t alone

Thank you so much for an informative talk. Highly recommend this to anyone on this horrendous journey!

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