Helping Your Child with Severe Anxiety

Some children and young people seem to withdraw from life. Their anxiety becomes so severe that anything which might have helped seemed to make things worse. They may find it hard to come out of the bedrooms or to leave the house. Parents are left not knowing what to do next.

This course will use the lens of Polyvagal theory (Stephen Porges) to understand what is going on for these young people, and will include practical ways in which parents can help themselves and their children.

You'll leave with a new way to think about what is happening, and some things to try.


This course is available to watch for 12 months after purchase.

It is suitable for children with and without a diagnosis


  • Young people withdrawing from life (9 mins)
  • Causes of anxiety (7 mins)
  • The nervous system (7 mins)
  • Polyvagal Theory (10 mins)
  • Parents (3 mins)
  • 5-step process Introduction (2 mins)
  • 1. Stop the pressure (4 mins)
  • 2. Togetherness (4 mins)
  • 3. Establish your anchor (6 mins)
  • 4. Pendulate (6 mins)
  • 5. Small steps forward (5 mins)
  • In summary (2 mins)

Total running time: 1 hour 5 mins


Dr Naomi Fisher is a clinical psychologist and author. She specialises in trauma, autism and alternative approaches to education. She is registered with the HCPC. This course is not therapy and should not be used as a replacement for therapy.

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