Taking Control of Your EHCP Annual Review

This mini-course will help you navigate your child’s EHCP Annual Review with confidence.
You’ve got the EHCP in place, but it’s only the start of the process. Now you have to make sure that your child is getting what they need.
Dr Abigail Fisher, Educational Psychologist, shares from her experience working with parents who encounter challenges in the process.
We know that many local authorities and schools are under tremendous financial pressures and are struggling to deliver the services children need. You want to get the best for your child, despite the difficulties. How can you continue to advocate for them, whilst protecting yourself from burnout? 
When you ask for help and get nothing back, it seems like nobody is listening. You wait and wait, and still don’t get a response. Asking for more help for our children can make us feel like we are “difficult” parents or just expecting too much.
It’s particularly hard if you have a SEN plan but don’t feel the school is delivering it very well, or if you think it needs to be changed. 
In this course, Abigail discusses some of the common challenges in the process, with tips and ideas to help.
It aims to empower you so you are familiar with what should happen and when, what the legal process is and your rights are, and ideas about how to make the process as useful as possible, to help ensure your child is well supported and their needs are met.
It also offers many ideas about how to support yourself through the process, so you can better advocate well for your child. 


This course is available to watch for 12 months after purchase.


  • Welcome (1 min)
  • Course outline (1 min)
  • The Annual Review process (20 mins)
  • Common challenges and how to navigate them (20 mins)
  • Ways to prepare yourself for the meeting (2 mins)
  • Guided Imagery (9 mins)
  • Final thoughts (7 mins)
  • Course handouts (timeline, checklist, how to prepare yourself for the meeting)

Total running time: 1 hour


 Dr Abigail Fisher is an educational psychologist who has worked in local authorities and now works independently. She has a special interest in helping parents navigate complex and confusing SEN processes, through providing clear, easy to digest information.

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